Health Technology Incubation Center





Introducing the Heath Technology Incubation Center

Incubation center is a support institution to help newly established companies through the provision of financial and specialized consultancy. The center is one of the technical infrastructures, which provide frameworks for the development or creation of small businesses due to the provision of office, technical and laboratory space along with other support services with the least cost. The activity of this center by providing initial capital causes growth and sustainability of emerging up to 80 percent. The companies, which can successfully established through the incubation center, they can continue their economic activities independently at the end. 

Pre - incubation period:
This course lasts 6-9 months for individuals or groups with innovative ideas and if they be interested in teamwork and establishment of the company can participate in this course. The main criterion for accepting this period is the existence of suitable innovative ideas for commercialization.

Incubation period: 
The duration of this course is up to three years. At the end of this period, the technology centers, which are based on the incubation center must achieve the incubation criteria and exit the incubation center. During this period, companies are also allowed to use financial facilities, participation exhibition, workshops and training courses, as well as use of the facilities and physical space provided by center. 

Post incubation period: 
The length of this course takes maximum 5 years. The incubation center continues to serve companies with decreasing gradient and prepares companies to enter the competitive market.
General mission of the Health Technology Incubation Center of Ilam University of Medical Sciences:
• Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of applied research in Ilam University of Medical Sciences.
• Increasing the share of technology units at Ilam University of Medical Sciences in creating economic activities
• Development of the relationship between industrial and executive units with Ilam University of Medical Sciences
• Diversification into funds of Ilam University of Medical Sciences through knowledge-based and technological activities
• Helping to boost local economy through new knowledge and technologies

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Email: htdc@medilam.ac.ir
Tel: 08433367156, 08433367155